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Course: SOUTH ASIAN 140 P 001 LEC (course website)
Course Title: Hindu Mythology 
Location: MTuW 1-3P, 211 DWINELLE
Status/Last Changed: 
Course Control Number: 56210
Units/Credit: 4
Session Dates: 07/05-08/12/16
Summer Fees: UC Undergraduate $1,624.00, UC Graduate $2,040.00, Visiting $1,920.00
Note: In this course we will study literary and religious aspects of Hindu myths. Through the reading of primary sources in translation, the course covers the main divinities and many mythological themes of early Vedic as well as later Puranic literature. We will follow the development of mythology from the Rg Veda to the epics-The Mahabharata and the Ramayana- and up to the classical mythology of the Sanskrit Puranas.  Also: Th 1-2P, 211 DWINELLE
Enrollment on 06/22/17: Limit:19 Enrolled:8 Waitlist:0 Avail Seats:11

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